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Recommendation Letter for the artist EB1 and O1 visa

We have sample recommendation letters in our guides but we need you to have this information upfront as we receive messages from artists starting their visa journey – “I’ve got 10 Recommendation Letters already what else do I need?”

We need you to HOLD UP and understand this – recommendation letters have more weight than most artists can fathom. They can make or break an application. There should be no single Eb1 or O1 recommendation letter sample or template as each letter should serve a separate purpose. What the USCIS don’t need is an unfocused reference letter that’s a general endorsement of the your character, knowledge and skills.

All recommendation letters should:

  • be written on headed paper
  • be dated
  • contain a greeting such as ‘Dear USCIS’ or ‘Dear Examiner’
  • have a brief introduction of the letter writers accolades
  • tell how the writer knows the artist
  • *detail how the artist is extraordinary
  • most importantly be signed
  • be accompanied with a bio of the referee or proof of the notability of the organization

This letter is more than a ‘recommendation’ it is a testimonial. So who can write these letters of support for immigration? This letter should be from a person of merit in your field that has taken time out to write about how you are worthy of a visa. Their opinion matters and so the letter should be accompanied with a short biography of the referee and or the organization, if it is reputable. 

The USCIS have been known to verify letters of Recommendation. This is prevalent in the Australian artist applications as there were unrepeatable agents receiving payments in lieu of positive letters and contracts of work. You should never need to pay for a letter. They should be written enthusiastically by your referee.  

Quotes from these letters can be pasted into your cover/petition letter to support your extraordinary ability claims. 

The *how the artist is extraordinary is the integral part of the recommendation letter. We encourage our guide users to wait until you understand the application and the criteria you will be applying under. Understanding this will save your letters from being generic drivel and instead an opportunity to strengthen your application with succinct testimonies.

From the users of our guides experience the average is 6 letters per application. You can have as many Recommendation letters as you want. There is no limit. However, to not waste the officers time discern how many letters you NEED. The amount of letters that artists submit are determined case by case. If you are submitting under 4 criteria, for example, you may have a letter supporting each. 

AVOID: As this is no ordinary referral letter that uses language such as “X is always punctual and works well in a team” – this is not that type of letter. 

AVOID: Phrases that suggest that “X is a rising star, has great potential” – these letters should talk of the present and past achievements as they should be of the mindset that X is already “extraordinary” and has “risen to the top of their field.”
The referrer should already be aware of you and your talent as you are claiming national or international recognition.

We hope you now understand why you should never get your recommendation letters at the beginning of your application but when you are fully aware of what your application looks like, what criteria that you are applying under and what evidence is lacking or needs bolstering by this letter.

We have decoded the recommendation letter formula and provide examples of recommendation letters in our guides – in our EB1 and in our O1 visa guides. Many artists are successfully living and working in the USA because of them. Understanding exactly what the USCIS needs to see is the key to success especially if you are self filing your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a job offer in a Recommendation letter important?

The recommendation letter is an important testament in the eyes of the USCIS. A job offer here from a respected peer in your field offering you work is certainly given extra weight.

Should I include the referee bio?

USCIS officers do not have time to google every fact of your case and so it is important that you provide all the information they need. Either print their bio from an online source (not Wikipedia) or ask that they provide one for you. If they are from a reputable institution, especially a government organization, include background information of that too.

What if my letter is not dated?

To be considered as evidence it is best practice that all testimonial letters be signed and dated.

How many Recommendation letters do I need for the EB1, O-1?

From the users of our guides experience the average is 6 letters per application.