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Green Card (EB1) Guide

Our online ARTIST GREEN CARD guides give you the most comprehensive step-by-step outline of all the elements of the EB1-EA Green Card application process. We also include examples of possible evidentiary items in all criteria to DIY/self-file your application or focus and speed your application when working with an immigration attorney. We have successfully helped artists since 2015.

EB1 Benefits:

Not necessary to have an O-1 previously

No sponsor required

Self-file or use an attorney

Family can accompany with their own full green cards

This is a full green card with no employer/employee restrictions

Our EB1 Guide includes:

  • Application Strategy
  • Each criteria broken down and required evidence
  • Sample paragraphs for each criteria
  • Two Full Self Petitioner Letter/Cover Letter Samples
  • Several Sample Recommendation Letters
  • Analyses of the Filing Forms
  • Concurrent filing
  • Breakdown of Request for Evidence
  • Actual USCIS denial cases
  • How to submit without an attorney
  • Updated with newest legislation
  • 24/7 Access
  • Lifetime
  • SSL Secure

Use a valid email address when purchasing for instant login details to our SSL secure guide site for 24/7 access.

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This is a complete guide from evidence building to approval with approximately 130+ pages of information.

EB-1 Guide
USA Green Card step by step
From start to finish
Extraordinary Evidence
The Petition Letter
Filing The Forms
Responding to an RFE
Self-file or Attorney

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Brief breakdown of each section.

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The Strategy – Planning your application.

Our first section has everything you need to know about how the EB1-EA works, what all is involved, and when each step takes place. We give you a strong overview of the whole process so that you are ready to begin your application with a clear view of the finish line.

  • The EB1-EA – What is it exactly? Who is it for?
  • Do I qualify? – How to assess your chances.
  • To Self-File, Or Not To Self-File – Applying with or without an attorney.
  • Timeline – How long is the process? What to file when
  • Precautions – Some things to avoid.


Your application requires that you supply evidence to back up your claims in your petition letter. We explain each of the ten criteria and how they relate to you as an artist, as well as the interpretations that USCIS examiners might not accept.

With examples in every section of strong and compelling evidence we show how you can further prove your intent to continue working in your field as well as proving your benefit to the USA.

  • Strong Evidence – What makes compelling proof?
  • Weak Evidence – How to anger your examiner!
  • How Much? – Compelling without overloading?
  • Presentation – Highlighting, Numbering & Binding.

Exploratory investigations into the USCIS Criteria and how they pertain to the arts:

  • Lesser Awards – You got the award, where’s the proof?
  • Memberships in Associations – Qualifying the association
  • Published Material – The publication, the article, and you
  • Judge of Others – Your extraordinary opinion
  • Original Contributions – What is original and what is significant?
  • Scholarly Articles – When is an article scholarly?
  • Artistic Exhibitions – Proving artistic relevance
  • Leading or Critical Roles – The significance of your role
  • High Salary – Your salary may be more impressive than you think
  • Commercial Success – Receipts and sales

If you need more clarification on what extraordinary ability means within the USCIS regulations read here.

We believe that a well worded Recommendation Letter can win your case. We show you how to strengthen them with examples and how to tailor these letters to each category. Deal Memos and Letters of Intent prove you will continue to work – we show you how.

This section STEP ONE also relates to those artists faced with an RFE. When you are asked by your attorney to “get more stuff” this is the section that you need.

Our STEP ONE gives you the right start to build a strong EB-1 Extraordinary Ability Artist case.


The Petition Letter – Tying it all together

In STEP TWO we show you how to compile your cover letter – if you are using an attorney, this is what you are paying them to do for you. We deconstruct the formatting and wording of the letter to best present your case. The letter is a formula and we decode it all out for you. You might have heard of the Kazarian v. USCIS, 580 F.3d 1030, 1036 (9th Cir. 2009) Case? No? Don’t worry we have, and we explain the findings to help you utilize them to build the compelling case that the examiner needs. We have TWO petition letters for you to use as a basis for yours. It’s a simple as “filling in the blanks.”

  • Making life easy for your examiner.
  • Opening Statements – How to lead in, catch their attention, and suppress their doubts.
  • One criterion at a time – How to present your case and weave it together. Choosing the phraseology that will connect you with your examiner. Sample letter segment for each criteria referencing the evidence samples from STEP ONE.
  • Getting the most out of those recommendation letters.
  • Comparative Evidence – Petitioning with evidence that does not fall under the 10 criteria.
  • Closing Statements – How to wrap up, summarize, and seal the deal.
  • 2 Sample Petition Letters


Ready to File – Qualifying as Extraordinary

When you are READY TO FILE you move on to our STEP THREE – The Form Filing section.

All the forms you are required to file as part of your application to QUALIFY as an Extraordinary Artist are broken down in this section. This step of being approved as an Artist of Extraordinary Ability is what makes you eligible to apply for the actual green card – once eligible, getting the green card is another application – explained in STEP FOUR. The US government website has excellent advice here.

The forms necessary for this section of the application:

  • I-140 – Qualifying as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability
  • G-1145 – SMS and Email notification form
  • I-907 – Request for Premium Processing

All USCIS Forms are available free here.

In this section we detail how CONCURRENT FILING might be a good option for you.


You are Eligible! – Applying for the Green Card

Great news! You have qualified as an Extraordinary Artist and are eligible to apply! In STEP FOUR we detail the next essential items in the process.

The forms for the actual green card:

  • I-485 – Adjustment of Status (for those already in the USA)
  • G-325a – Biographic Information

If applying from abroad we lead you to America with our in-depth guide on Consular Processing.

If you are currently in the USA we guide you on the Combo Temporary Green Card and Travel Papers applications:

  • I-131 – Advanced Parole (travel permit)
  • I-765 – Employment Authorization Document (temp green card)

We analyze:

  • Premium Processing – Know in 15 days.
  • Medical Examination – Vaccinations etc
  • Biometrics – Where, what and when.
  • Bringing your spouse and children/dependents

The hard work is out of the way!
All USCIS Forms are available for free here. See US government advice here.


The USCIS decision

APPROVED! Fantastic news – CONGRATULATIONS! We lead you through essential next steps.

Request for Evidence – Perhaps you missed an essential document, filed with an attorney that didn’t file a compelling case or perhaps the USCIS just needs more evidence. We rip apart the RFE so you can respond with confidence.

  • RFE – How to approach the beast.
  • Sample RFE Breakdown
  • USCIS notes – Their questions and how you can argue your case.
  • New Evidence – How to compile the proof.
  • New Cover Letter – How to tie it together again.

DENIED – Notice of Intent to Deny. You can argue their decision.

APPROVED – YAY! We lead you through what’s next…

There is more…


We supply a list of downloadable documents.

  • Checklists
  • Forms & Fees
  • Glossary
  • USCIS Cases

And even more…


Because we want you to succeed!

We want you to be extraordinary so we have included bonus information on how you can strengthen your career with a legitimate paper-trail. To succeed in an all paper application you need strong paper evidence, we show you how to build your portfolio.

  • Press Releases – How to write them and where to send them.
  • 8 Goal Setting Techniques
  • Marketing Materials – How to publicize and market your work.
  • Webinar – What is extraordinary and how do I prove it.
  • Your Career Online – Yes, they will google you!
EB-1 Guide
USA Green Card step by step
From start to finish
Extraordinary Evidence
The Petition Letter
Filing The Forms
Responding to an RFE
Self-file or Attorney


We accept crypto – email us [artist]

Is this for really real? YES! Read our Testimonials.

The EB1-EA is the Employment Based 1st Preference Green Card for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, with sustained national or international acclaim, covering individuals of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business or athletics. Often called the genius green card, it has a few different names all designed to scare you off applying, to make you doubt your extraordinariness and believe that it’s impossible to get. We have all heard the rumors – it can’t be gotten, it’s impossible, they only give them to Oscar/Grammy/Pulitzer or Nobel Prize winners… We’ve heard it all ourselves – we have even been told all these things while standing there with our green cards in our hands – but there are no golden statues on our mantle!

The EB1-EA artist green card is neither fairy tale, nor myth, nor is it impossible to get. It is a paper application, designed to allow you prove your eligibility to live and work in the United States, to create art and benefit its people and culture. The criteria are designed to have you prove your sustained acclaim through various external means, including reviews, testimonials, lesser awards, membership or critical roles in outstanding organizations, exhibition in highly regarded venues, and commercial success. Within our guide we detail how to present your evidence, how to word your explanatory cover letter, and give many examples of what makes for strong and compelling proof.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Who buys your guides?

Artists who are proactive in their careers buy our guides. They don’t wait around for someone to hold their hand, they are self starters and passionate about what they do.
Some are artists who hired an attorney and were asked for “more stuff” or were faced with a “Request for Evidence” and needed our guides in-depth interpretation of each criteria.
Others are artists starting out in their careers and envision their future working in the USA and use our guides as a blueprint on how to shape their careers to be declared extraordinary!
Attorneys, agents, managers, production companies licence our guides to build the cases on behalf of foreign talent.

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