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I first entered the USA on an O1 visa. I had a terrible experience with my lawyers and by the time my visa was granted I had lost 1 1/2 years from my 3 year visa as my lawyers never updated my case. So by the time I arrived I was already feeling panicked about my time and knew I did not want to go through lawyers again to extend my stay.
I had heard Rachel and Kevin applied for Green Cards without attorneys and got it. Although the thought of this was terrifying I knew it was the best option for me as I did not want to put my life in the hands of a lawyer again. I messaged Rachel and Kevin and they gave me a guide that went through the process in a lot of detail. The amazing part of self petitioning is that you don’t need a sponsor. Also the O1 has a lot of restrictions and certain networks will not let you in the door with an O1 visa.
The guide gave lots of resources, the information was very clear and in everyday language. I began to work towards my Green Card petition. I followed the templates and guidelines suggested by Rachel and Kevin. It was a lot of hard work with many days spent sitting behind my laptop piecing it all together, however, it was all worth it when that little green card came in the post!
I submitted my application on 23 September 2013, 90 days later I received my temporary Work Card. On 24 September 2014 I received the email that my Green Card petition had been approved. I received a Request for Further Evidence during that time, this was completely my fault as I went against the advice of Rachel and Kevin on one of the points, but, I was able to rectify it as they had been so precise with everything else that I knew what to do.
Applying for a Green Card without lawyers, to many, sounds unachievable however with Rachel and Kevins help it was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I knew they were there for me every step of the way and they were the living proof, it can be done. If, like me, you like to be fully in control of your own life and are not afraid putting in the time and effort this is 100% the way to go. Also if you can’t or don’t want to fork out the excessive fee’s for a lawyer this is hands down the best option, in my experience, costing less than half of that quoted by a lawyer.
I will always be eternally grateful to Rachel and Kevin for giving me this amazing opportunity, to life the live I choose, in the country I choose and pursue my dreams. – Santa Monica